Spore ModAPI/Spore/Simulator/SimulatorMessages.h file


namespace Simulator


class Simulator::IMessageParameters
class Simulator::EnterModeMessage
class Simulator::EnterEditorMessage
class Simulator::MissionUpdateMessage
Called every update of a mission, only if the mission is ongoing.
class Simulator::CombatantKilledMessage
Called when a cCombatant is killed.
class Simulator::PlayerEmpireAlliedMessage
Called when the player empire makes a new alliance.
class Simulator::PlayerEmpireLostAllianceMessage
Called when the player empire loses an alliance.
class Simulator::ToolOnHitMessage
Called when a space tool hits a target. Called by cToolStrategy::OnHit.
class Simulator::GameNounStatusChangedMessage
class Simulator::ScenarioCreatureHealedMessage
Called when a creature is healed (either by natural heal rate, or using a medkit) in Scenario mode.
class Simulator::SpaceRareFoundMessage
Sent when a rare item is found (even if it had already been found before) in Space Stage.