Resource::Database class

Base classes

class IO::EAIOZoneObject
A class derived from EAIOZoneObject is able to be allocated from different heaps without the owner of the object needing to know or care which heap the object came from or even what kind of allocator the object is using.
class Object
This class represents a basic reference counted object.

Derived classes

class DatabaseDirectoryFiles
class DatabasePackedFile
A DatabasePackedFile is a type of file used in Spore to store and index multiple files inside a single container (usually in the .package extension).

Public functions

auto Initialize() -> bool pure virtual
auto Dispose() -> bool pure virtual
auto GetDatabaseType() const -> uint32_t pure virtual
auto GetRefCount() const -> int pure virtual
auto Lock(bool lock) -> void pure virtual
auto Open(IO::AccessFlags desiredAccess = IO::AccessFlags::Read, IO::CD createDisposition = IO::CD::Default, bool arg_8 = false) -> bool pure virtual
auto Close() -> bool pure virtual
auto GetAccessFlags() const -> IO::AccessFlags pure virtual
auto Flush() -> bool pure virtual
auto GetLocation() const -> const char16_t* pure virtual
auto SetLocation(const char16_t* path) -> bool pure virtual
auto GetKeyList(eastl::vector<ResourceKey>& dstVector, IKeyFilter* filter = nullptr) -> size_t pure virtual
auto OpenRecord(const ResourceKey& name, IRecord** ppDst, IO::AccessFlags desiredAccess = IO::AccessFlags::Read, IO::CD createDisposition = IO::CD::Default, bool arg_10 = true, RecordInfo* pDstInfo = nullptr) -> bool pure virtual
auto GetOpenCount(const ResourceKey& key) -> int pure virtual
auto CloseRecord(IRecord* pRecord) -> bool pure virtual
auto DeleteRecord(const ResourceKey& name) -> bool pure virtual
auto Attach(bool, IResourceManager* pResourceMan, bool) -> bool pure virtual
auto GetAllocator() const -> ICoreAllocator* pure virtual
auto AddRef() -> int override
auto Release() -> int override

Public variables

int mnRefCount