Resource::PFRecordBase class

Base implementation for records in a .package file (DatabasePackedFile).

Base classes

class IRecord
Represents a file in a Database; records are identified by a ResourceKey (which specifies group, instance and type IDs), and have an underlying IO::IStream that is used to read/write data.

Derived classes

class PFRecordRead
This class is used to read the data of a file contained inside a DBPF.
class PFRecordWrite
This class is used to write data to a file contained inside a DBPF.

Constructors, destructors, conversion operators

PFRecordBase(uint32_t type, const ResourceKey& key, DatabasePackedFile* parentDBPF, IO::AccessFlags fileAccess)

Public functions

auto GetType() const -> uint32_t
auto DoPostClose() -> int pure virtual

Protected variables

uint32_t mType
ResourceKey mNameKey
DatabasePackedFile* mpParentDBPF
IO::AccessFlags mFileAccess