RenderWare::VertexBuffer struct

A buffer that contains all the vertices data.

For more information, check the official Direct3D 9 documentation:

Public static variables

static const uint32_t RW_TYPE

Constructors, destructors, conversion operators


Public functions

auto ReleaseDirectX() -> void
Releases the DirectX buffer.
auto CreateDirectX() -> void
Creates the DirectX buffer. This will set the 'pDXBuffer' field.
auto LockDirectXData() -> void
Sends the buffer data into the DirectX object.

Public variables

VertexDescriptionBase* pVertexDescription
The VertexDescription that defines the data that each vertex has.
IDirect3DVertexBuffer9* pDXBuffer
The IDirect3DVertexBuffer9 that is operating behind this structure.
size_t baseVertexIndex
Offset from the start of the vertex buffer to the first vertex.
size_t vertexCount
The amount of vertices contained in the buffer.
int usage
uint8_t stride
The size in bytes of each vertex structure.
uint8_t lockFlags
void* pVertexData
The raw data of the vertices. This is an array of vertices, but the data they contain depends on the VertexDescription.