UTFWin::ILayoutElement class

This class represents an element that is part of a user interfaces.

All ILayoutElement classes are able to implement a Serializer, allowing it to be saved and loaded from SPUI files.

Base classes

class UTFWinObject

Derived classes

class DefaultLayoutElement
A default implementation of ILayoutElement.
class EventPropertyObject
class Image
A layout element that represents an image.
class InteractiveWinProc
class SporeStdDrawableImageInfo
A structure that represents an state of a SporeStdDrawable.
class TreeNode
class Window

Public static variables

static const uint32_t TYPE

Public functions

auto SetSerializer(Serializer& dst) -> void pure virtual
auto GetProxyID() const -> uint32_t pure virtual
Returns the ID that identifies this type of element in a SPUI file.