UTFWin::TreeNode class

Base classes

class ILayoutElement
This class represents an element that is part of a user interfaces.
class ITreeNode

Public static variables

static const uint32_t TYPE

Constructors, destructors, conversion operators

TreeNode(WinTreeView* pTreeView)
~TreeNode() virtual

Public functions

void func18h(int, int) virtual
void func1Ch() virtual
void func20h() virtual
auto func24h() -> bool virtual
auto func28h() -> bool virtual
auto func2Ch() -> bool virtual
void func30h(int) virtual
void func34h(int, int) virtual
auto AddRef() -> int override
auto Release() -> int override
auto Cast(uint32_t type) const -> void* override
void SetSerializer(Serializer& dst) override
auto GetProxyID() const -> uint32_t override
Returns the ID that identifies this type of element in a SPUI file.
auto GetCaption() const -> const char16_t*
void SetCaption(const char16_t* pCaption)
auto GetIcon() const -> IDrawable*
void SetIcon(IDrawable* pIconDrawable)
void AddNode(TreeNode* pNode)
void RemoveNode(TreeNode* pNode)
void Update()

Protected variables

WinTreeView* mpTreeView
TreeNode* mpParent
intrusive_list<TreeNode> mChildren
int field_24
int mnNodeFlags
uint32_t mTextStyleID
int field_30
string16 mCaption
uint32_t mNodeID
intrusive_ptr<IDrawable> mpIcon
intrusive_ptr<Object> field_4C