Swarm namespace

Swarm is the effects system in Spore


This namespace contains all the necessary classes needed for working with the Swarm effect system. The main class is the Swarm::ISwarmManager, which is used to control everything related with the system. Swarm::IEffect classes are instances of the effects which can be sued to display and transform effects in the game.


namespace Components


class cEffect
class cEffectWorld
class CollectionResource
A Resource object used to retrieve an effect collection (that is, an EffectDirectory, .effdir file).
class cSwarmManager
class EffectDirectory
An EffectDirectory is a file that contains one or multiple effect declarations.
class IEffect
An instance of an effect in the game.
class IEffectDirectory
class IEffectMap
class IEffectWorld
An effect world is a space in the game which contains effects.
class ISurface
class ISwarmManager
This class is the main manager of the Swarm effects system.
class SwarmManagerStruct


enum AppFlags { kAppFlagDeepWater, kAppFlagShallowWater, kAppFlagLowerAtmosphere, kAppFlagUpperAtmosphere, kAppFlagEnglish, kAppFlagPlanetHasWater, kAppFlagCinematics, kAppFlagCellGameMode, kAppFlagCreatureGameMode, kAppFlagTribeGameMode, kAppFlagGGEMode, kAppFlagCivGameMode, kAppFlagSpaceGameMode, kAppFlagAtmoLow, kAppFlagAtmoMed, kAppFlagAtmoHigh, kAppFlagEditorMode, kAppFlagSpaceGameOutOfUFO, kAppFlagSpaceGameGalaxyMode, kAppFlagSpaceGameSolarMode, kAppFlagSpaceGamePlanetMode, kAppFlagIsNight, kAppFlagIsRaining, kAppFlagWeatherIce, kAppFlagWeatherCold, kAppFlagWeatherWarm, kAppFlagWeatherHot, kAppFlagWeatherLava }
enum (anonymous) { kEffectTypeParticles = 0x01, kEffectTypeMetaParticles = 0x02, kEffectTypeDecal = 0x03, kEffectTypeSequence = 0x04, kEffectTypeSound = 0x05, kEffectTypeShake = 0x06, kEffectTypeCamera = 0x07, kEffectTypeModel = 0x08, kEffectTypeScreen = 0x09, kEffectTypeLight = 0x0A, kEffectTypeGame = 0x0B, kEffectTypeFastParticle = 0x0C, kEffectTypeDistribute = 0x0D, kEffectTypeRibbon = 0x0E, kEffectTypeBrush = 0x20, kEffectTypeTerrainScript = 0x21, kEffectTypeSkinpaintSettings = 0x22, kEffectTypeSkinpaintDistribute = 0x23, kEffectTypeGamemodel = 0x25, kEffectTypeSkinpaintParticle = 0x26, kEffectTypeSkinpaintFlood = 0x27, kEffectTypeVolume = 0x28, kEffectTypeSplitController = 0x29, kEffectTypeTerrainDistribute = 0x2A, kEffectTypeCloud = 0x2B, kEffectTypeGroundCover = 0x2C, kEffectTypeMixEvent = 0x2D, kEffectTypeText = 0x2F }
enum SwarmState { kStateActive = 0, kStatePaused = 1, kStateSuspended = 2, kStateHidden = 3, kStateManual = 4, kStateShutdown = 5 }
An enum to represent the current state of an effect world and the Swarm manager.


auto Addresses(cSwarmManager) -> namespace
auto Addresses(ISwarmManager) -> namespace

Enum documentation

enum Swarm::AppFlags

enum Swarm::SwarmState

An enum to represent the current state of an effect world and the Swarm manager.

Function documentation